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Become the Trader You Want to Be

Navigate Yourself, your Trading and your Profits with Confidence.


Our education, strategies and recourses are designed help traders improve and evolve their trading for financial growth.


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Weekly  Watchlists

We will show you how to identify the best trades to give you the best possible opportunities regardless of current market conditions.

S35 Trading System

A complete powerful trading system  suite to revolutionize your trading. View Chart . This is the same system I use in my day-to-d ay in my trading. 

Core Features

Markets Covered

We specialize in providing focused analysis and insights across a variety of financial markets, tailored to meet the needs of both experienced traders and beginners.

Our coverage includes:

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Let’s Learn. Trade. Improve. Evolve Together

Trading Vitamins | Trading Analysis and Trading Community


What Makes Us Different:

Specialized Focus: We focus on quality trades not quantity, while growing and protecting profits.
Daily Trade Tips: Strategize and help traders be dynamic and make informed decisions. Making it easier to understand.
Understanding Market Trends: We help you navigate market cycles, so you can adjust your strategy accordingly, no matter your experience level or the current market condition.
Focus on growth: Investing doesn't have to be as hard as you think. Grow and Protect your money as you evolve as a trader. No matter what's happening in the market.

No Gimmicks: We are traders. Not marketing experts. We got sick of the gimmicks. We decided to focus on delivering exceptional value to our members, not constantly looking for another membership to upgrade, tool to sell bs etc. Our style and direct approach is not for everyone, but we are always going to give 100% to everyone who is  part of Trading Vitamins.

Our Traders


Made by Traders for Traders

Our Traders


Made by Traders for Traders

Our Traders


Made by Traders for Traders

Ready to level up your trading.

Trading Vitamins Trading Community


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Trading Floor

Engage and with likeminded mentors & traders. Share ideas, collaborate and grow with each other to reach their goals. 

AI Trading Tools

Trusted & used by over 79,000 traders. AI Trading Trading Tools  bridge the gap between Wall Street and Retail Traders.  Providing automated , Trade Alerts, Analyst Upgrades , Important News, Latest Insider Trading and more.

Trade Idea Analysis

Full Market Analysis and Breakdown of the high quality trades and market cycles.

Our 6 Pillars of Trading

Accelerate your trading skills and reach your trading potential.


Set the foundation for trading and gain the knowledge to conquer the markets in any market condition.


Learn to identify high  quality opportunities in multiple markets.   


Execution is where theory, discipline  and ability to identify opportunity meets application. Favorable entry and take profits. 


Improve your trading. Analyze past trades, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and seeking feedback from mentors and traders can refine your skills.


Markets are dynamic and constantly changing. Learn to evolve in any market condition to remain competitive and profitable. Becoming a better trader one trade at a time.


Profit is the result of effectively navigating through the preceding steps. By learning, identifying, trading, improving, and evolving, traders increase their chances of achieving consistent profitability in the market.

Weekly Trade Scans & Watchlists

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